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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Gift Idea "Halloween Dessert Box" Printable Halloween Treat Boxes

Halloween gift idea, Halloween ideas, Halloween treats
Halloween is getting closer, are you ready for a trick or a treat? This fun Halloween Gift Idea "Halloween Dessert Box" Printable Halloween Treat Boxes has a little bit of both! The spooky box can be filled with any sort of yummy treat that sparks your fancy!
To download Halloween Gift Idea "Halloween Dessert Box" Printable Halloween Treat Boxes just CLICK HERE
Just a few more days to get ready for Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Homemade Pop tarts "Spook Tarts"

halloween treat ideas, homemade pop tart, halloween pop tarts
We're all about making yummy Halloween treats around here! How cute did these yummy Homemade Pop tarts "Spook Tarts" turn out? They're shaped like tombstones, and then you can frost them with whatever kind of spooky decor that you want! The kids loved helping us make these, and everyone enjoyed eating them!

To download Homemade Pop tarts "Spook Tarts" just CLICK HERE

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Quilt Pattern "Boo"

Halloween quilt pattern, halloween quilt patterns, quilt patterns
My cute daughter requested that I design this fun Halloween Quilt Pattern "Boo" for her house, and we both love how it turned out! The bright chevron stripes are fun and trendy while the bold "BOO" keeps the quilt simple and festive!

Get the look for your house, download Halloween Quilt Pattern "Boo" just CLICK HERE

We'll get you all ready for Halloween!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Party Mystery Dinner Idea

halloween surprise dinner party ideas, halloween mixed up party ideas, halloween ideas
Halloween is a time to party, but it's also a time to play fun tricks! This last weekend we threw a backwards "mystery dinner" party, and it was a total blast! We came up with funny names for a bunch of different foods (appetizers/main course/dessert)/drinks/utensils.  Every guest at our Halloween Party Mystery Dinner Idea had to select four things they wanted for each course and then were completely surprised by what they got! (for example, somebody could have gotten a spoon, ice cream, an enchilada, and nacho dip for a course)  Everybody had a ton of fun and this will definitely become a new Halloween tradition! We've got the whole dinner here for you: invitations, menus, instructions, etc.  You'll have a blast!

To download Halloween Party Mystery Dinner Idea just CLICK HERE

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Ideas Pocket Banner "Trick or Treat"

Halloween ideas, Halloween printable banner, Halloween pocket banner
It's the season of candy! Have a college kid? A favorite friend?  A deserving husband? Surprise them with this fun Halloween Ideas Pocket Banner "Trick or Treat"! Fill every pouch with a favorite treat or surprise and shock their socks off!

Halloween Ideas Pocket Banner "Trick or Treat" just CLICK HERE

We've got more sweets where that came from:

Monday, October 13, 2014

DIY Cupcake Liners "Football"

DIY cupcake liners, printable cupcake liners, football cupcake liners
With fall here, it's football time! Getting together to watch the big game? Throwing a party for your son's football team? Want to surprise your husband with a special treat? Download these DIY Cupcake Liners "Football" and knock the socks off all the other players out there.
To download DIY Cupcake Liners "Football" just CLICK HERE
Want your party to feel like a winning touchdown?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Halloween Treat Ideas "Mummy Candy Holders"

Halloween Treat Ideas, candy bar wrappers, halloween ideas, party favors
Download this Halloween Treat Ideas "Mummy Candy Holders" and your awesome Halloween party is officially a wrap!  These candy bar holders are spooky, fun, and reusable! Just slide your favorite treats into the wrapper and get ready to "boo"gy the night away.
To download Halloween Treat Ideas "Mummy Candy Holders" just CLICK HERE
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